Apartment Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

MOOMII is a Swiss based interior design studio which is national and international in
its orientation. It was founded by Mona Dolpp and Michael Sollberger in August 2016. Our values and visions as well as our love for interior design make us a highly efficient and motivated team. We have long-term experience in conceptual design, planning and the execution of challenging projects in the private and public sectors as well as in furniture design.

Interior design thrives on inspiration and communication. We attach great importance to a continuous and constructive exchange with our customers as well as with our experienced specialists on building sites, in workshops and in production halls. A good concept and its successful realization requires the involvement of many different individual skills.

As a young and innovative team with a great love for detail, a trained eye and a feeling for a harmonious atmosphere we create and develop concepts for customized interior room solutions which set off emotions and arouse enthusiasm whether regarding new construction, refurbishing, facelift or complete solutions.

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