Net House

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net,nett.adj.clear of all else and subject to no further deductions (chamiers twentieth century dictionary).

Though  less  prevalent  today,  in  our  childhood  we  slept  outdoors  under  a  simple net held up by intersecting poles which, once we  tucked in, became our private domain, a safe haven. When the brief for a weekend house in the fringes of the city asked for a place that is open to nature yet shields you from its harsher aspects, memories of the net and the protection it offered came to mind.  A virtual jungle of hoardings, telecom towers and temporary structures now make up the Indian city skyline. This same image reverberates  in the light  composite  steel  and  concrete  hand fabricated trellis  that  holds up the  hovering slab  and   leaves the  floor below free.


Centred around an all encompassing cabinet the 12 m x 12 m column less space thus formed is enveloped in gossamer layers of mosquito net to protect from insects,

bamboo chiks to provide shade from the hot tropical sun and glass so it  can be air conditioned. All these layers providing desired degrees of privacy, shelter and exposure to nature, resulting in the NET HOUSE.

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