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For us design is a powerful tool for good; both social and environmental. At its best it improves the quality of people’s lives and lifts their spirit, while drawing on a minimum of the earth’s limited resources.

We are frequently told that the practice is difficult to categorise. Each project is so different from the last. We relish this reaction to our work. Each project; each client; each site; each brief is unique. It would therefore be surprising, in our view, if each project was not distinct. Every project is the product of an approach that strives to stay free of preconceptions and open to possibility and change; yet is informed by analysis, understanding and experience. Our designs, therefore, often lead to unexpected solutions.

Above all the design process is lead by our client’s needs, means and aspirations and a response to the site and its context. It is an approach that combines logic with beauty. We see ourselves, as creative problem solvers - not necessarily thinking consciously about beauty - only how to solve the problem at hand. However, if the outcome is not beautiful then we know something is wrong.

Inspiration is drawn from mathematical truths, geometry and nature; combined with an enthusiasm for engineering, technology and innovation - the art of the possible.

MBA have received 60+ Awards – for Design, Sustainability, Innovation and Community Benefit. They were short-listed for the Stirling Prize, Architects of the Year 2001, won the Queen’s award for enterprise and Sports and Leisure Architects of the Year 2009.

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