Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz, view 1
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz, view 2
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz, façade
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz, view corner Ospelsgasse
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz, Map
Picture © M&S Architekten

Residential Housing, Mortaraplatz

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Mortaraplatz / Ospelgasse , 1200 Vienna, Austria
5-20 Stories
Stumpf AG

Housing with joint centre. We penetrate the perimeter block and connect two buildings via a joint court.

A building concession that strongly focussed on the utilization of the attainable square metres served as a starting point for this building. However we focus on a social qualitative room concept. Therefor the commercial areas have to give way for bright staircases, flexibly usable housing floorplans and common areas.
In the courtyard we implement a free standing common room. Its roof is the “green centre”: a colourful sprawling oversize flower bed. The terrace in the yard can be used by all inhabitants. Around this centre we create grass and playing areas. Red cubes and short-crested trees spread here.
From the outside the building has to serve two ways due to its L-formed ground plan. On the one hand being part of the front square (here we give the building a representative metal and fibre cement façade) and on the other hand closing the gap site of the by-road (we use silicate plaster that conforms to the neighbourhood).

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