Office Building Ellipse view Juchgasse
Photo © Gisela Erlacher
Office Building Ellipse Façade Detail
Photo © Gisela Erlacher

Office Building Ellipse

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Juchgasse 22A , 1030 Vienna, Austria
5-20 Stories
B.A.I. Bauträger Austria Immobilien

Minimizing surface, optimizing room climate, flexible cope for design inside
As a free-standing building we planned it for a single user. Maximum divisibility up to half a floor was our parameter. Using an elliptic form we were able reduce shadow and minimize the façade surface.
Our focus during the design process of a company building is the wellbeing in the workplace – this means windows that can be opened. This option is a contradiction to controlled climate; however it creates satisfaction by having the possibility to act individually. Cooling is established by building element cooling within the raw ceiling. In order to top off the climate peaks in extreme case we additionally provided mechanic ventilation via the double floor. This ventilation also controls air supply in normal operation.
All media is routed through a cladding tube within the double floor straight to the working place (no floor sockets) in order to not affect the cooling system. Plugs and switches are situated under the table, this way the distribution is established on the workplace and not on the floor.

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