Kabelwerk A Apotheke
Photo © Gisela Erlacher
Kabelwerk A Westansicht
Photo © Gisela Erlacher

Kabelwerk Site A

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Oswaldgasse/ Hoffingergasse, 1120 Vienna, Austria
5-20 Stories

Site A forms the southern termination of the urban planning model project "Kabelwerk"
The freestanding building, the hotel and the residential building react in three different ways to their surroundings. The freestanding building marks the entrance of the transverse route, with its urban facade the hotel defines the space of the "transverse line" and leads into the depths of the Kabelwerk, and the residential block together with the hotel creates an elongated internal urban space. The variety of functions (residential, office, pharmacy, bank, shops) and the manifold routes stand for the Kabelwerk as pars pro toto.
The housing block has four staircases, each serving three flats per floor. At the front the plinth contains atrium houses.

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