Forum Schoenbrunn, view backside office
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Forum Schoenbrunn, crossing offices
Photo © M&S Architekten
Forum Schoenbrunn, street view offices
Photo © Jörg Seiler
Forum Schoenbrunn, street view "juwel"
Photo © Michael Nagl
Forum Schoenbrunn, view patio
Photo © M&S Architekten
Forum Schoenbrunn, façade housing
Photo © M&S Architekten

Forum Schoenbrunn

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Grünbergstrasse 15, 1120 Vienna, Austria
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories
Itallcomerz Projektentwicklungs GmbH

Forum Schoenbrunn: a mix of multifunctional office building and two residential blocks –achieving first place at a procedure for calling in expert opinion.
Winning a competition is a fine basis for a challenging project. Thanks to the good cooperation with the proprietor we were able to cope with challenges during the implementation and had the possibility to carry out our ideas in a productive way.
We are proud of the final product – the “jewel” creates bonding with the castle Schoenbrunn on the opposite side. He gives the users panorama view. The linear shell of building on Grünbergstrasse shields the house-building which is situated around the court from the traffic. With public passages between the three building blocks we connect the Forum with its neighbourhood.
The base helps us to overcome the difference of level and creates a natural border. At the same time we use it to optimize the land development. At the north eastern entry of the conglomerate a residence tower with panorama view arises. In contrast to this tower we zone the housing row strongly horizontal: by duplex apartments with ground level terraces, 5 floors on top which are directed to the silent court and by two top level floors which are provided with farsightedness – AND as an eye catcher, the penthouse with an impressing view.

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