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Munich, Germany

smlxl - philosophy

In the use of approaches, ways of thinking or methods of different disciplines we see not only the possibility of orienting planning to the different needs of our time, but also the chance to combine ecology and aesthetics in a forward-looking way. Many years of experience, acquired versatility, efficient work processes, a clear design language and realisable visions help us to create that special whole.

Landscape architecture seeks new spatial statements, cultural characteristics and design perspectives in the field of tension between the planning of architecture, urban development and infrastructure. In this context, the feedback of landscape architecture with social structures and contemporary contexts is not only necessary but indispensable.

For us, the transformation of abstract ideas into concrete form requires in particular the elaboration of the singular character, the prevailing atmosphere of a place. Harmonious and imaginative images can only emerge when history becomes visible. Part of our work is to examine common approaches, but not to relativise or affirm them per se. What is decisive is not the degree of innovation but the result. This is an intellectual claim to which we are committed in every project, regardless of the scale of the innovation.

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