Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schulz

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Andreas Schulz has over 30 years in lighting design experience. In 1991, he founded Licht Kunst Licht in Bonn and Berlin simultaneously. Since then, the office has participated in over 600 projects throughout Europe and overseas. It has more than 200 publications and has received numerous internationally recognized lighting design awards.

In addition to his professional practice, Andreas Schulz is a frequent lecturer at professional conferences and University programs. He is also the founding professor for lighting design at the University for Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, where he is responsible for the education of future lighting designers.
Mr. Schulz is a Lighting and Energy related consultant for the Federal Republic of Germany, a member of the Berlin Lichtbeirat Lighting Advisory Council, and consultant to the building works senator within the German senatorial administrative office for urban development. In 2010, he was appointed Director of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).