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562 Chemin Olivier, G7A 2N6 Lévis, Canada
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Nestled between a highway and a forest, in an industrial area bordering Lévis, Canada, this new and unconventional office building unfolds into three distinct wings, in order to frame green, wooded views; to establish a central core promoting cohesiveness among building users; and to enclose an interior courtyard.

A first elongated, two-level wing hosts open-concept workspaces with closed offices in the centre, maximizing natural light penetration, showcasing stunning forest views and, ultimately, enhancing employee wellness and productivity. Common areas and coffee stations are positioned strategically throughout, promoting informal interaction and exchange.

A second wing consists of an impressive and sculptural volume whose second level cantilevers over the floor below, offering a sheltered entrance for the building. The architectural gesture ends in a blank façade highlighted by the presence of large windows on each side. The indoor volume is generous, featuring an elegant roof structure in wood and large, floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the exterior landscape. By its breadth and its relative angle, this volume contrasts with the long bar that emerges at the back of the site, becoming a signal element in the landscape.

The third wing is a one-storey projection with a green roof. It hosts attractive, fully glazed meeting rooms for gathering and sharing ideas, and a dining room opening onto an intimate courtyard with a strong connection to the nearby forest. The integration of a green roof and the overall greening of the project, as part of an effort to highlight the natural surroundings, is an innovative approach given the area’s industrial character.

To recall the client’s role as a construction industry leader, raw materials were key to the design: natural pine wood siding, polished concrete, raw steel plates and more. Its diverse spaces invite ownership and exude the client’s corporate culture.

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