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Kamvari Architects is a young and enthusiastic collective of architects; designers and most importantly thinkers based in London, with a particular interest in the way we occupy, use and abuse spaces.

The studio embraces the challenge of dealing with the mundane day-to-day problems of architecture and understands that design has the ability to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Innovative solutions are valued more than iconic responses and every attempt is made to collaborate with like-minded people to achieve this; we are inspired by contemporary living and use this as an influence to drive our proposals.

Not every solution to an architectural problem relies on buildings and we do our best to think outside the box to resolve the issue rather than simply proposing a building.

We place people at the centre of our design process. Design is a synthesis of different aspects such as structure, ventilation, natural lighting, symbolism, culture, history, the way you use and move through spaces and the ability of the space to create memorable places.

New digital tools, materials research and the way we make things is a core part of our studio.

Above all we believe that architecture has a responsibility to record social and cultural changes with in contemporary living, and do our best to insure our design proposals respond to this.

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