Luftbild vom Plateau de Kirchberg aus
Photo © Steve Troes
Drawing © JSWD
Spielhof der Vorschule am Alzette-Ufer
Photo © Steve Troes
Öffentlicher Durchgang zwischen Grund- und Vorschule
Photo © Steve Troes
Spielhof Grundschule
Photo © Steve Troes
Kopfseite Grundschulgebäude
Photo © Steve Troes
Licht Flurzone mit Blick zum hangseitigen Schulhof
Photo © Steve Troes
Photo © Steve Troes
Unterirdische Sporthalle
Photo © Steve Troes

School Center in Clausen, Luxembourg

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3, rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxemburg, Luxembourg
1-5 Stories
Stadt Luxemburg
architecture & aménagement s.a.

An ensemble of buildings and open spaces featuring many areas that are rich in contrast and with an exciting correlation of their exterior is currently being developed on a topographically emotional site. The interaction of buildings with urban motifs such as alley, street and space allow for inspiring moments to develop. Clear structures with corresponding entrances make it easier to find your way around, and support identification with an "own" school building and corresponding school courtyard. The school buildings, which include an elementary school and kindergarten, are situated around the area in an angle, thereby leaving an open space in-between, which can be used as an entrée/address for both schools as well as the gymnasium. The buildings "clasp" around the rectangular clearance in an angle.

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