Dreidimensionale Fassadenstruktur aus Muschelkalk, Haupteingang der GAG
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Luftbild GAG-Quartier in Köln-Kalk
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Kammartige Gebäudestruktur zum Blockinneren
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Eingang über den Innenhof
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Offener Aufenthaltsbereich Büroetage
Photo © Constantin Meyer
Photo © Constantin Meyer
Photo © Jens Willebrand
Licht- und Schattenspiel in der Natursteinfassade
Photo © Jens Willebrand

GAG Headquarter

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Straße des 17. Juni 4, 51103 Cologne, Germany
1-5 Stories
GAG Immobilien GmbH

A 120 m long three-block office building with individual sections recessed in height and alignment is situated along the main road. The resulting angular blocks end up looking not unlike an assembled comb structure whose four heads lead to the residential development in the rear. A three-dimensional facade structure covered with light colored nature stone (limestone) characterizes the GAG headquarters. Large glass areas convey openness and facilitate the highest possible daylight yield.

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