Senior Architect

Studio Zhu-Pei is one of the leading Chinese architecture firms. Located in the center of Beijing, the office presents a platform for nature inspired design that reflects on an array of innovative design works. Founded in 2005, Studio Zhu-Pei has accomplished many renowned projects, including the Guggenheim Art Pavilion in Abu Dhabi (2006), Guggenheim Museum Beijing (2007), Digital Beijing (the Control Center at the Beijing Olympics in 2008), CaiGuoqiang courtyard house renovation in Beijing (2007), 798 Pace Gallery in Beijing (2010), OCT Design Museum in Shenzhen (2011), Minsheng Museum of Modern Art in Beijing (2015), Taimiao Art Museum in Beijing (2015). The works of Studio Zhu-Pei have also been chosen for international exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, Victoria and Albert Museum, Centre Pompidou, Biennial Sao Paulo, "Mind Landscapes" Solo Exhibition at Aedes in Berlin, "Contemporary Architecture in China" at Harvard University, "ZÀI XĪNG TǓ MÙ" Exhibition at Aedes in Berlin, etc; and many of the works have also been collected by important international museums.

Job description
The main architect in the early stage of the project, responsible for leading the Assistant Architect develop design in accordance with the design concept and intention of the Design Principal.

Job requirements
  1. Bachelor's degree or above in Architecture, 3 to 5 years of professional practice;
  2. Strong desire in designing and experimenting with architecture, willing to explore and practice, and capable of completing schematic design and development design with high quality and high efficiency under the guidance of the Design Principal;
  3. Proficient in Autocad, Rhino, 3ds Max, Adobe Creative Suite (PS, ID, AI) and other work-related software, proficient in hand modelling;
  4. Strong interest in architectural material and structure with capability of integrating structure, material and space together;
  5. Passionate about architecture industry, strong sense of responsibility, strong team spirit and interpersonal skills;
  6. Keep up with fast pace of our office, strong anti-pressure ability;
  7. Possess overseas background in education and work experiences with bilingual skills (English and Chinese preferred).

How to apply
Please submit your application package including a cover letter, a complete resume and a portfolio not exceed 10MB to [email protected]
Pei Zhu
Tel: +86 10 64016657
[email protected]
Studio Zhu-Pei
B618, Kelin Business Center
100007 Beijing

Job Category
Job Location
Beijing, China
5. December
Employment Type
Full Time