Slovak Art Center inspired by the Gerlach peak

Jan Revaj represents a unique combination of architect, artist and visionary in the contemporary world, who adds a unique emotional value to his works and shifts from material to emotion. He is an artist who builds his paintings. He has worked on various projects around the world, especially in the European, American and Russian markets. He relies on his artistic talent and imagination, which he develops in drawing and painting. He then abstracts it into forms and designs for its architectural works. When creating his paintings, he always perceives space behind them and his work leads along an imaginary path from the line to the volume to create the perfect villa, which is a jewel for him.

"Let's not seek emotion in data, let's seek it in people."

He became acquainted with the latest techniques and approaches in modern architecture and design. He also has an experience with Zaha Hadid's data architecture or Coop Himmelb(l)au, which helped him to understand that his architecture would not be based solely on data.

He calls his villas "jewels", which as characters inspired by the female curve he puts into nature. “I want people in my villas to find inner peace, harmony and happiness. To have a place for the family or to find themselves to create a space where they can grow internally. ”

J. R.

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