Park Inn Motor City

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is the hotel of choice for both car lovers and attendees to the racing activities taking place in Dubai’s Motor City but also for any business and leisure clients visiting the city, due to the impressive views of the Marina skyline and the proximity of the city’s main attractions. The bespoke concept integrates Park Inn’s guidelines as well as implementing the automobile and racing track theme present in all the spaces of the program.

With a total of 147 guest rooms units, the interior design provide continuity to the racing story, but in a more subdued manner and through details like old racing photographs or bed covers which mimic chequered flags. Comfort is the main aim of the proposal. This is achieved with brightly painted walls and a choice of playful yet colorful furniture which enhances rest after a busy day racing or sightseeing in Dubai.

Vintage cars suspended from the ceilings, corridors that resemble a circuit with pedestrian crossings located in front of the lifts, or different car parts like alloy wheels and tires painted in different colors which hang from the walls of the lobby and restaurants give a sense of adventure and fun, all in a contemporary and relaxed setting, with a strong sense of place. This twist complements the international style employed in the choice of materials and palettes in order to make the racing objets stand out and at the same time naturally integrating them into the decoration.

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