Alto Pont-Rouge

Carouge, Switzerland, 2022

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O’Vives Building

Geneva, Switzerland, 2020

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Fribourg, Switzerland, 2020

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Tourbillon – ZIPLO Buildings

Genève, Switzerland, 2020

The “Tourbillon” project consists of five seven-storey buildings and three basement levels which are intended to accommodate services and...

IOC Olympic House

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

The new IOC headquarters building emerges from the ground on a plinth that blends into the surrounding landscape. The moving appearance o...

MCBA – Cantonal museum of Fine Arts

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (MCBA) defines a new urban space which establishes a symbolic dialogue with the industrial railway histo...

Agora Lombard Odier

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2018

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Swiss Embassy in Seoul

South Korea, 2018

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Agora – Swiss Cancer Center

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2018

The Agora building in Lausanne houses an experimental research center for cancer therapies. The seven-storey construction accommodates of...


Lancy, Switzerland, 2018

The CCFF House, which is supported on pilotis, appears as a floating volume standing out from the ground. Its sawtooth roof recalls the n...

Payerne footbridge

Payerne, Switzerland, 2018

The Payerne footbridge spans 36-m over the Broye river. The only material used for its construction, weathering steel, offers the footbri...

Cooperative Equilibre - Eco-district Les Vergers

Meyrin, Switzerland, 2018

This 3-buildings housing project is a mixed timber and concrete structure which meets the requirements of the Minergie A-ECO label. The i...

Les Triaudes – Student accomodation

Ecublens, Switzerland, 2017

The new student residence provides accommodation for 230 students. The six-storey building includes different types of individual and col...

Immeuble Rhodanie

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017

The four-storey building, situated on the South side of Lausanne, accommodates office spaces for sport federations. The last two floors p...

Stellar 32

Genève, Switzerland, 2017

The complex is composed of three buildings housing a hotel, utility rooms, a vast underground car park and numerous storage facilities. T...

Geneva Airport – Check-in hall

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017

The refurbishment project for Geneva Airport check-in hall includes the construction of a steel mezzanine intended for additional office ...

Aquatis - Aquarium, vivarium and city of water

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017

As a unique project in reinforced concrete, Aquatis settles on the existing platform of P+R Vennes in Lausanne. Within a circular plan, t...

Housing « Jardin des Tuileries »

Bellevue, Switzerland, 2016

The housing complex, located in a bucolic setting, consists of 12 terrace houses and a stand-alond house. The designers sought a simple a...

Housing in Soral

Soral, Switzerland, 2016

The residential complex is composed of two two-storey buildings which seek a dialogue with the surrounding built and natural environments...

DOSF – German language College in Fribourg

Fribourg, Switzerland, 2016

The DOSF German-language college in Fribourg consists in two new buildings including classrooms and an underground triple-court sports ha...

Chandieu School Complex

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016

The school building acts as a link between the adjacent parks of Trembley, Beaulieu and Cropettes. The longitudinal building consists in ...

Jet d'Eau Mobile Walkway

Geneva, Switzerland, 2016

Like a ribbon that gradually unfurls across the water, the new walkway is a fluid area that invites you to stroll and wander around the f...

Les Morettes Nursery School

Prangins, Switzerland, 2015

The nursery building is structured in four volumes gravitating around a central staircase bathed in natural light. The volumes are set on...

Battelle Management School (HEG)

Carouge, Switzerland, 2015

The building of the Management School of Geneva consists in a longitudinal volume of large dimensions which accommodates a demanding buil...

FIM Headquarters

Mies, Switzerland, 2015

The FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) new headquarters building uses a rounded shape which evokes the movement and speed associ...

Origami creche

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015

The Origami Creche has been designed as an "inhabited landscape". The building shows a regular pattern and alternating arcs in staggered ...

JTI Global headquarters

Geneva, Switzerland, 2015

The building’s form was dictated by the shape of the challenging triangular site. The structure is characterized by three multi-story tub...

Housing Raising Sécheron

Switzerland, 2014

The 3-storey housing raising Project offers a second life to this residential Building of the 50's. The hybrid structural solution in tim...

Cornavin - Geneva main station

Geneva, Switzerland, 2014

Geneva main railway station Cornavin is the nerve center for transports in the whole region. It has undergone a major conversion to accom...

Villa LRS

Tannay, Switzerland, 2013

Situated on an angled plot, the LRS villa unfolds like a pleated ribbon on a cross plan. The interior and exterior spaces of this exposed...

Villa SMR

Vessy, Switzerland, 2013

At the foot of the Salève mountain, the villa SMR presents itself in the form of a stack of three tables in reinforced concrete. These st...

Swiss Tech Convention Center

Geneva, Switzerland, 2013

The Swisstech Convention Center roof, 67 m wide and 116 m long and cantilevered some 40 m above the foyer, represents the structural jewe...

FIBA Headquarters

Mies, Switzerland, 2012

The new global headquarters of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is a game between implicit and explicit analogies, between ...

UEFA - Clairière Building

Nyon, Switzerland, 2010

The new administrative building of the Union of European Football Associations is distinguished by its ring shape, its white concrete eav...

Atelier in a farm

Landecy, Switzerland, 2010

The conversion of this barn into an artist's studio proposes the insertion of a new wooden slab separating the ground floor from the crea...


Lucerne, Switzerland, 2010

Replacing the road bridge of 1938, the new Langensandbrücke launches a link between the city center and the periphery. It allows vehicles...

Drize College

Carouge, Switzerland, 2009

The 145-m long college building houses 43 classrooms, three sports halls, a multimedia library, an auditorium, a canteen and administrati...

Leman College

Renens, Switzerland, 2008

The extension of the Leman College consists of a rectangular volume in exposed concrete with 20 classrooms, a multipurpose room, an extra...

Aviaries in Bois-de-la-Bâtie

Genève, Switzerland, 2008

The tree structures of the 2 new aviaries of Bois-de-la-Bâtie reveal both structural effectiveness and poetry in dialogue with the surrou...

Rolex Global Headquarters

Genève, Switzerland, 2005

As part of an extremely demanding planning, increasing the height of Rolex global headquarters faced many structural and organizational c...