Sita Murt Shop

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Calle de Jorge Juan, 43, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Situated in the very heart of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, these premises occupy the corner of the ground floor of an apartment building in Jorge Juan St, with an approximate surface area of 170 square metres, one hundred of which are given over to the shop and the remainder to a showroom, services and storage. The rich textures that Lluís Generó uses in the design of his garments was the starting point for conceiving a space created out of the folds in a metal plane with a changing texture, which extends horizontally and vertically throughout the shop like a length of fabric. The arrangement of vertically suspended steel panels, a false ceiling of folded fine metal mesh and a homogenous concrete floor configure a space in which the metallic tone unifies a setting rich in contrasts where the clothes are the protagonists. The completely glazed side facade allows the shop to participate in the public space of the building’s porch. The clothes are displayed solely on the vertical panels, leaving an open space in which the only pieces of furniture are the cash register standing on a counter and various elements chosen by the designer to complement each new collection.

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