Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Jordi Hidalgo Tané
Photo © Eugeni Pons

Restoration of a Patio

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Carrer Valls Vells, 17800 Olot, Spain

Located at the end of a valley and laid aside a slope in the terrain at north, the country house, - which consists of the main house, a hut and a smaller annex – totally domains the valley that precedes it. The annex, which originally had both ground floor and 1st floor, has been moved and separated from the main building, thus creating a void between the house and the new ‘cabana’. This cut in the soil becomes the distribution hall to the three different pieces, uniting the whole composition at ground level and providing daylight through the soft ramp entry. The three volumes remain separated at first floor, suggesting the image of the typical dispersed country houses common in this region. The new ‘cabana’ contains a bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room. A staircase makes the connection with the lower level, where the entry is made; The abstract container is enclosed with steel sheets of different dimensions recalling the way farmers used to construct their sheds and reveals the exterior through three main openings: towards the sky, the mountains and the valley.

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