EcoQuartier Plaines-du-Loup

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Lausanne, Switzerland
Stadt Lausanne

Concept and Masterplan for a Ecological Neighborhood.

The first era of ecological urban developments was based on efficient use of resources: materials and energy. The second era was based on reducing emissions. The concept for the EcoQuartier Plaines-du-Loup in Lausanne is holistically based on happiness.

Growing from a larger context Plaines-du-Loup combining the city and the surrounding green landscape. It becomes a vibrant new urban sub-centre of Lausanne while its central park works as connector  creating an easy access to the surrounding green.

PDL intensifies the city of Lausanne by combining together the neighbouring areas on the east and the west by concentrating in complementing the streets. The north-south streets become lively places, they are not anymore just roads for passing by.

Because PDL is a city, it has a lively, energetic, diverse and dense centre. Because it pursues happiness, it is also tranquil, healthy, participatory, motivating and engaging for its inhabitants and users.

PDL becomes not only an "eco-quartier" but a sustainable part of the city in all the dimensions of sustainability: ecological, social, cultural and economical.

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