Conversion and Renovation of a Podere, Tuscany

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The idyllically located country house is surrounded by wide fields and presents itself with a crown-like rooftop terrace in a majestic manner. This character is also found inside - it is a distinctive expression that had to be preserved during the renovation.

The interventions are kept minimal and punctual, but precisely because of this, they intensify the special atmosphere of the architecture: soft concrete elements contrast with the rough texture of the rubble stone masonry, and orthogonal forms provide precise counterpoints to the old walls with their often rough textures. The newly created exposed concrete structure in the peripheral space results in multiple seating areas. At the same time, it creates striking linear frames of great visual appeal. The high rectangular windows with light brown wooden frames contribute to this as well.

The modern elements always harmoniously integrate into the existing color and material palette. Sometimes, they can also be interpreted under a dual principle - smooth and uneven, angular and round are dichotomies that occur repeatedly. The flowing interior concept with enfilades captures the picturesque expanse of the Tuscan countryside. A pool and various garden walls continue the concrete topography in the outdoor area.

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