Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
© Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra

PRATIC - Factory and Headquarters

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1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

The project concerns the construction of a new plant and offices for Pratic Spa, specialist manufacturers of awnings.

The area, slightly sloping southward, is crowned by a wide view over the hill of Fagagna and the mountains to the north. The project includes a plant of about 9,000 m2 to the north, whose orientation is dictated by the geometrical disposition of the industrial area, and an office building covering an area of about 1,000 m2 to the south, running parallel to the state road and facing a large green area.

The buildings are made of prefab concrete frame and infill panels.

Vertical – The plant will be characterized by a facade where vertical lines prevail, with no horizontal joints. Panels of variable size and glazed frames are all ten metres high. The different size of the grit and the use of black oxide outline a changing façade built with the simplest methods.

Horizontal – For the single-storey offices, with a double-T frame, prefab elements are coupled with a continuous glazed facade protected by the “Flying Beam”, a huge overhanging concrete sunshade to the south  (2.50 x 80 metres), which makes the real landmark of the project.

Outdoor space – The project adds low walls to serve as a reference to “measure” space and direct visual perception. The walls contain tiny terraced flats meant to govern the landscape and paths, as well as to hide the cars from view.  

Energy – The whole roof of the plant will be lined with photovoltaic panels. The generation of “clean” energy will be so important that the choice of all installations will be made accordingly, dictated by energy saving and sustainability targets.

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