XAIO – Experience All In One

Nagold, Germany

Half-way measures are not our way of doing things. With us, you get the whole thing, and all of it from the same source. From the initial idea up to the opening. We develop consistent worlds of experience with passion and commitment. Our specialty: hotel, gastronomy and spa. International. Our recipe for success: Understanding for economic issues and a lot of experience gathered in more than four decades.

More than 20 employees, professional, innovative and interdisciplinary - from the old hand to the hungry newbie, at two locations – Stuttgart and Hamburg. And with the twin brothers, Cord and Rolf Glantz, even twice the expertise at the top. This is how we have been turning castles in the air into real dream projects since 1977. For: What’s the use of a good idea if it doesn’t work in reality?

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