Hauptfeuer- und Rettungswache Krefeld - Main Fire Department Krefeld


Our core aim is to design and implement the best possible scheme – one which achieves optimum results for both the client and the end users of the building. Our holistic and integrated approach to design, initiated from the very outset of each project, helps us to develop and realise creative architectural solutions that are as economically viable as they are sustainable. Throughout the design process we pay particular attention to key factors such as the surrounding context and visual communication and links, both within buildings as well as between internal and external spaces; we devote equal consideration to the use of materials, light and colour and the detailing of every aspect of a building. We firmly believe that sustainability, economic viability, efficiency, innovation and quality are not mutually exclusive and can be achieved and integrated within every single project. Our dialogue with our clients and the end users of a building is the key to our success; it is this open and creatively collaborative approach which enables us to create highly flexible schemes capable of adapting to changing requirements and making the optimum use of resources.

Competences: Office buildings | Inustrial buldings | Housing and residential | Health care | Education and research | Interior design

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