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Some of our actual interst points could be listed this "instant manifesto", an attempt to fix certain topics that define our approach to architecture.

CONCEPT: Focketyn del Rio studio is a concept driven architectural office: it pursues a constant research and development that reach to unexpected discoveries. Every project is understood as a small laboratory that grows concepts which are applied to that or other projects: we call this process cross pollination.

FACADES: The facades developed by the studio implement different layers of signification, so that these can be understood and read by a wide range of users and public. They span through semantic fields that involve meaning and forms coming from local elements but also involving from an architectural, constructive and historical point of view, in order to create different ways and levels of lecture of a building. 

NETWORK: Focketyn del Rio studio partners worked for several offices in a very wide range of scales, creating a very strong, precise and wise constellation of collaborators. The studio decided to use this net from the beginning, using this resources to create a very experienced human labor force that supports and reinforces the inside concepts created for each project.

PRECISION: Pushing the limit of precision in each moment of the project allows us to find new opportunity areas: it denudes the scheme of its cultural, linguistic values and moves it to a more clear, neat realm where it’s easy to discover poetic and pragmatic qualities that were covered before.

PUBLIC REALM: Focketyn del Rio studio develops most of the work in competitions for public buildings and understands the meeting spaces of the public realm as a basic tool of the architectural language. Every project should maximize the spaces for social interaction as a way of expanding in the futures the values created by the European modern society.

REJECTED ARCHITECTURE: After the several crises that had overcome the XX and XXI century, our generation must rethink the concept of «progress». We must intervene in fields that previous generations wouldn’t do, and do it from an «ecological» point of view, understanding the resources that have been already expend and the ones that we’ll expend as a global compute. Understanding architecture as a part of a cycle is one of the studios obsessions and produces highly rational, compact and ecological buildings.

SCALE: Working in a wide range of scales (from objects to masterplans) has been a very characteristic way of confronting the discipline in the studio. This constant jump of scales (temporal, spatial, development) is a drive to look with open and awake eyes to the specificities of each challenge.

SHAPE: A building must interact with external forces (environment, weather, regulations...), as well as internal forces (program, users, comfort...) and we expect of each of our buildings to combine these factors in a comprehensive way and to bring them forward, creating new words which can, nevertheless, still be understood. This is how we judge if a specific shape is appropriat or not for any project.

SOFT RADICALITY: We believe in a social responsible place of the architect in the world. We believe that architecture also has political values. We believe that very powerful economical forces drive our work. We believe that we are in a very conservative era. We want to be part of the change. We want to propose meaningful political projects. We want buildings for those who want – and don’t want to be politically engaged. We want to hide strong concepts in friendly words. We want to be soft radicals.

USERS: The use of the building, the appropriate material decision, the pursuit of a future flexibility, the deep understanding of the fluxes, in definitive a certain love for the unexpected and for a design that steps back before becoming too present. These thoughts become rules to judge the work and to put the user and its experience of buildings in the center of design.

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