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We are interested in the capacity of any project to make sense within a particular cultural context - local and global at the same time - from an unprejudiced atitude that will find opportunities even in what apparently lacks value. We are interested in a formal strategy that considers and represents what’s known and exists. 

Instead of the desire for formalising the project from iconic self-referential gestures and parametric or diagrammatic complexities, we propose utilising the resources – both conceptual and narrative- and the constrictions -technical, economical and material- of a given cultural context as the opportunities from which to build the project’s strategies. Instead of the innocence that mimics urban complexity with formal complexity, we are interested in simple geometries  that are capable of generating that same complexity in its range of possible readings, using the evocative capacity of matter and form and its relation, as strategies to stimulate the user’s reaction. 

We chose an unprejudiced and inclusive attitude, close to DIY (“do it yourself”), that doesn’t discriminate between this or that, but goes for this and that. We are interested in a hybrid technique, capable of combining local materials and techniques, close to the craftwork tradition , with industrial materials and technics from other sources.

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