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Ferrier Marchetti Studio implements design powered by thinking as a research and development strategy to transform ideas into actions and to develop innovative project solutions. Through a platform that brings together practitioners, researchers in the fields of architecture, city planners, designers, and humanities and social scientists, we aim to achieve a framework that is innovative and groundbreaking. Interaction and experience-sharing are key to this collaborative dynamic between inquiries and propositions, between diagnoses and solutions. We invent new design tools in order to share the architectural experience in pursuit of sustainable solutions that put human beings, their uses and their needs, at the heart of every single project.

Our approach relies on different kinds of actions that answer and feed each other: Articulate knowledge and know-how by bringing together a wide range of diverse fields around a transversal and collaborative methodology | Be and remain at the cutting edge of innovation thanks to a strong research and development division | Materialize our research outputs through an intended editorial production | Create innovative tools that enhance representation and experimentation of architecture (sensitive map, VR) for clients, elected officials, and citizens | Share and provide our expertise, thanks to frequent public interventions (installations, exhibitions, lectures, radio, and teaching).

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