Zoe Zenghelis: Do you remember how perfect everything was?

Curated by Hamed Khosravi, architect and educator at the AA School of Architecture.

Betts Project is delighted to host ‘Do you remember how perfect everything was?’, the first retrospective exhibition of the works of Zoe Zenghelis. As a two part exhibition with the Architectural Association, Betts Project presents the first part as a review of Zenghelis’ early paintings from the 1960s, her years at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) including works of the Hotel Sphinx project, through to recent works made in 2020. Stretched between abstract metropolitan tectonics and landscape structures, the selection of Zenghelis’ paintings represent an enquiry into absent architectural projects. An exhibition catalogue published by Betts Project will accompany the exhibition, while the second part of the project will be hosted by the AA in Janurary 2021.

Zoe Zenghelis. "Orderly Blocks, 2019." Oil on Canvas, 45 x 55 cm
3 December 2020 to 30 January 2021
Betts Project
100 Central Street
EC1V 8AJ London, Great Britain
Betts Projects