The Young New

Architects imagine things that don’t exist. This exhibition shows the paths of this invention, needed new ideas and, also, the will of a new generation to build better. It presents five architecture studios —, fala, Diogo Aguiar Studio, Ponto Atelier, Barão-Hutter — working in Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and St. Gallen. They show us a quality and variety of proposals to transform the places we inhabit. Above all, they construct a portrait of today’s concerns, objectives and work processes – naturally different from the other architects and architecture that preceded our time.

The new architects have different concerns, ambitions and modus operandis from previous generations and, as this exhibition seeks to demonstrate, they respond more acutely to the new challenges of the present and the future. Maybe for that reason, The Young New are not being presented in the form of a manifesto, but as a set of fragments and ideas that echo each other whilst indicating divergent paths. Each studio brought a completed work and a project yet to be built, capable of explaining what we have to gain by entrusting more responsibility to a new generation of architects. The Young New don’t cross their arms before this pressure and, as their body of work grows, they show both the vitality of the discipline as a form of knowledge, and how much better our future could be.

Curator: André Tavares

15 March to 4 September 2022
Garagem Sul do Centro Cultural de Belém
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal
Garagem Sul
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