Nature × Humanity: Oxman Architects

What is the role of an architect in the age of climate change? Since 2010, Oxman studio founder, Neri Oxman, has asked whether the materials, tools, and construction of architecture are sustainable moving forward. Through thought-provoking projects that use new biomaterials and fabrication techniques, Oxman rethinks all facets of the field with a singular objective: to transition from valuing human material wealth that stakes claim to land and resources to a focus on environmental health that restores and advances natural balance to mutually benefit all. With nature as the primary client, the design practice upends the architectural legacy of a human-centered built environment and imagines a radically transformed future.

Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group, Aguahoja Pavilion (frontal view), 2018; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, gift of Massachusetts Institute of Technology; © Massachusetts Institute of Technology; photo: The Mediated Matter Group
19 February to 15 May 2022
151 Third Street
94103 San Francisco, CA, USA
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