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Nanping, China

Superimpose and LEAP won the invited masterplan tender as a consortium for Greentown Associated Fund Platform for a new financial town along the Chongyang Xi river north of Nanping city in Fujian province. The scheme focuses on providing an ecological vision towards mixed-use business park developments.

The residential towers and office towers are pushed towards the North and South of the masterplan in order to create space for a central green and low-rise ECO-Spine. As a result, the HQ office towers are situated along a ‘finance street’ in the south of the development.

The Eco-spine locates a conference center, theater, showrooms, low-rise retail units, and office units, integrated within a lush landscape zone. This landscape zone ultimately connects to the river bank on the east of the development. The four sites are connected by ultra-wide ECO-bridges. The ecological approach is reflected in the name of the proposed development: ‘ECO-BD’.

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