Spiral House Pigniu
View from upper floor
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Living room
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Bedroom with Simpledoubledeux bed
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Photo © Ralph Feiner
Spiral House
Photo © Ralph Feiner
The village Pigniu/Panix
Photo © DGJ Architektur

Spiral House Pigniu

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The village Pigniu at 1300 meters above sea in the Surselva Region of Graubünden province, above the Town Ilanz. The House above the centre of the village is clearly of our time but still integrating into the village’s general appearance. A band is surrounding the whole volume on both levels. It’s changing its materiality from concrete in the socle to wooden shingles in the upper living floor. The band is emerging from the Landscape and ends at the entry of the house by the street – from here the structure is revealed to the visitor. Even if the house is freestanding, an articulation of subdivided volumes is reached shifting the two levels to each other – this dynamic structure is loosening the massiveness of the house and connecting it to the alpine panorama with centrifugal forces. The materials of the house are chosen in relation the surrounding houses and barns. Its constructive language is connecting traditional elements wit modern techniques. The lower part is kept in concrete with a flat modular formwork – te upper one is of prefabricated wooden elements, covered with hand-cut larch shingles. The larch windows and shutters are the same for both parts – accentuating the continuity of the band. While the house is integrating with its outer appearance the inner spaces are completely different. The open spaces are divided only by levels and sliding walls. The continuity of the spiral is reflected in the spatial structure and thereby in the daily movements of the inhabitants. The soapstone fireplace is the centerpiece of the movement – continuing over two levels from oven to “chaise très longue” and ending in the kitchen.


M. Leummens


Planung u. Fertigstellung

150 m2

Nominiert Goldener Hase -
Die Besten 2004

Ralph Feiner
DGJ Architektur

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