Îlot Sacré


DDS+ was created in 2006 and now numbers around 80 dynamic, creative and motivated architects. The architectural office, based in Brussels and Antwerp, attributes large importance to a collective spirit and to the creation of buildings that respond to what they need to be within their specific context. We focus not only on the quality of the projects themselves, but also on their contribution to the quality of the neighbourhood. We deal with architectural complexity, various project scales and mixed programs, in a generous, inventive and professional way. We advocate ethical architecture and inspired urban living.

DDS+ continues exploring new ways of living, always in response to the specific local context. Looking for a subtle mix of new life-style and work-style trends, DDS+ cultivates a deep spirit of Research and Development in its team of architects. Each feasibility study, competition and project is an opportunity for co-thinking and co-constructing with our clients and various consultants the projects of tomorrow. We aim for a shared pride by everyone involved about the collective contribution to quality urban living.

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