Passivhausschule Grundschule 'Am Regenstein'


The company Därr Landscape Architects was founded in June 1990. From the very beginning, we covered all contents of open space planning – from extensive landscape design to the planning of open space of single objects. That requires all-embracing thinking which has a positive influence on the implementation of extensive planning as well as the integration of object planning into a wider context. With numerous objects we dealt with open space planning of hospitals and other social facilities, and in the meantime we acquired a comprehensive basic knowledge with respect to functioning processes and specific requirements of such objects, including planning of heliports and filing of and applying for aeronautic permits. In the course of our collaboration as planner, consultant and expert in the municipal development measure of the city district Halle Heide-Süd we developed new fields of work, like e.g. ecologic management.

Competences: Parks | Open Spaces | Masterplan | Competitions

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