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Guim Costa i Calsamiglia (Barcelona, 1968) is an architect from the Superior Technical School of Barcelona. With over fifteen years of professional experience, since 2010 is a Senior Architect at costacalsamiglia arquitecte, a study for the development of architecture and urban planning projects. The main aim of the study is to make a careful and high quality architecture, creating spaces for user comfort and incorporating creative and innovative trends. Other objectives of the study are: the restoration of the original architectural elements; the incorporation of energy efficiency criteria for projects; and open and transparent relationship with the client. His career includes collaborations with architecture universities (ETSAB, UIC or BAU School), with magazines and publishers (Actar and Gustavo Gili) and with the Architects Association of Catalonia (COAC). Currently the studio is working on various competitions; and in the project of the multinational headquarters EFD-India in Bangalore (India), in the projects of the Thomsen House and the Malé House (in the Costa Brava) and developing a prototype of efficient, sustainable and adaptable house, the U-Passiv.

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