Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda
Photo © Hiroshi Ueda

Koshinokuni Museum of Literature

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Toyama-city, Toyama, Japan

This plan is to renovate the former prefectural governor's office located along Matsukawa in the center of Toyama City and add a new exhibition building to regenerate it as a literary museum on Etchu literature that has continued since the Manyo era. Here, the former Governor's Office was positioned as a mansion and the exhibition building as an attached warehouse, and a new space was formed while respecting the existing building and garden.

The exhibition building consists of a closed space that is a "Kura" and an open space that is a "Doma". "Kura" is a storehouse that literally stores valuable exhibits and collections of the Literature Museum, and "Doma" is a flow line that connects the storehouse and the storehouse, and also a place where you can stay comfortably.

There are seven "Kura" in total, and each "Kura" has an exhibition room, a storage, a training room, an unpacking room, a curator's room, a machine room, and so on. The volume of "Kura" is determined according to the functionally required area and ceiling height. "Doma" is a lobby, an exhibition space with natural light, a library, and a connected space with the existing building, so visitors can walk around freely. Basically, it is a low and restrained space with a ceiling height of 2870 mm, and it spreads horizontally and connects to the garden on the west side.

Garden and library / cantilever and glass surface
The area of ​​"Doma" facing the garden is set up as a library. This space is a large eaves (cantilever) space with narrowed down structural materials such as pillars and walls. The opening facing the garden is 21m wide and cuts out the landscape horizontally. By installing three large 3m x 7m pair of glasses here, the sash marion is reduced as much as possible and the view to the garden is maximized.

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