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Wiesbaden, Germany

CHRIST.CHRIST. associated architects is a Wiesbaden based company for architecture, planning and design. The company’s projects range from administration- and industrial buildings to residential buildings, exhibition stands and design, emergency housing, interior design and energy consultancy. The basis of our activities is the opinion that the quality of our built environment has an essential influence on the quality of our life. Within the limits of our social responsibility and the needs of our clients we try to find an adequate and coherent solution for each project. We have an open-end design approach unhindered by preconceived notions of form and aesthetics. We believe that understanding and identifying the task as well as questioning the given definition of a project are the essential conditions to accomplish our work. Sustainability, conserving resources and ecological designs are an integral part of our thinking. Our office is the leading member of an interdisciplinary network of architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC planners and landscape architects. We are available, together with these partners, as an experienced and competent contact for the client in the development and execution of projects.

Competences: Architecture | Interior Design | Sustainable Design | Urban Planning | Design

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Wiesbaden, Germany