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BXBstudio, established in December 2009, is an interdisciplinary design studio which attempts to creatively challenge issues in the fields of urbanism, architecture, art, design, graphics and publishing. In design work, the studio draws inspiration from Polish history and tradition, re-thinking traditional motifs and adapting them to contemporary design. In recent projects, the studio dwelled on folk notions such as the Zakopane Style or timber sacral architecture.

In creative practice, BXBstudio places great emphasis on the relationship between man and nature. This aspiration is reflected in the character of places created – from urban schemes, to built forms and interiors. We strongly believe that sustainable development will change the world for the better, create beautiful and healthy environments for humanity to thrive. Sustainable and energy efficient homes make up a large proportion of our portfolio.

BXBstudio combines knowledge, mathematical precision, advanced technology in the field of design, and a knowledge of legislation and administrative processes necessary to carry out the project. While on the other hand, offering unlimited imagination, creative thought, enthusiasm and optimism to create the elusive sense of beauty.

Our creative nature and hunger for continuous development makes us open to the latest global trends. We aspire to apply intelligent and innovative solutions. In the strive for perfection, regardless of the scale of task at hand, we aim to equally meet economic, aesthetic and social aspects, while always working for the solution most beneficial to our client.

At BXBstudio we constantly search for beauty in our surroundings.We believe that our objectivity and wide range of creative activity allows us to create unique beauty as opposed to the repetition of trends or patterns. This approach, supported by trusted specialists in various fields, allows us to explore, develop, create and materialise the best solutions.

Bogusław Barnaś, founder of BXBstudio, has obtained many years of professional experience working in Poland, England and Scotland. He has worked in many internationally renowned practices such as Foster and Partners, Make Architects and Ingarden-Ewy Architects. He completed his architectural education at Cracow University of Technology and Fachhochschule Muenster in Germany. He is a tutor at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University (AFMKU) at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts.

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