Mr. Barrett's Garden

Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

There is a vast private and beautiful site, a plot on the Leman Lake, looking towards the majestic Alps. The fictional character that we ...

Casa do Monte

Lisboa, Portugal, 2019


Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Given the complexity of the performance and the story told and played, the display proposes a series of “objects of mediation”. They are...

Mr. Barrett's House

Geneva, Switzerland, 2019

Internal architecture could name the process through which Mr. Barrett’s House has gone through. An interesting idea, directly borrowed f...

Dodged House

Lisbon, Portugal, 2019

The crisis that hit Portugal ten years ago has produced an incredible density of abandoned spaces. The two main cities, Porto and Lisbon,...


Geneva, Switzerland, 2016

Architecture seeks the underground, searches for new territories under the skin of the earth. Bachelard woke up the right to the unconsci...


Geneva, Switzerland, 2008

The project for a new aviary at Bois-de-la Bâtie was the opportunity to examine a specific programme: a provisional habitat for anatidae ...