Colorado Court

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Santa Monica, CA, USA

Colorado Court is not only the first building of its type in the country to be 100% energy neutral, but also the first to achieve a LEED "Gold" rating. Colorado Court has set the standard for future affordable housing projects, proving that energy efficiency is an attainable goal in concert with design excellence, economy of means, and livability.

Colorado Court distinguishes itself from most conventionally developed projects in that it incorporates energy efficient measures that exceed standard practice, optimize building performance, and ensure reduced energy use during all phases of construction and occupancy. The planning and design of the 44 unit affordable housing project for low-income residents emerged from close consideration and employment of passive solar design strategies. Colorado Court also features a natural gas powered turbine/heat recovery system that generates the base electrical load and hot water demands for the building and a solar electric panel system integrated into the façade and roof of the building, which supplies most of the peak load electricity demand.

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