Villa het Tolhuis

Zaltbommel, Netherlands, 2015

The design for this toll house is a conversion of an existing toll house with working and living areas. The design is fully built by the ...


Venice, Italy, 2014

Within the exhibition space, a homogeneous volume of 2.4 * 2.4 m is defined by14.000 balls hanging on wires, as coordinates in space. The...

Fire Station

Doetinchem, Netherlands, 2013

A new home for the Fire Brigade : Fire Station Doetinchem combines sustainability , functionality and an attractive working and living en...

School Campus Peer

Peer, Belgium, 2011

The project, with a size of approximately 18,000 m2, involves the construction of a secondary school, an elementary school, a sports comp...

School and children center De Schatkamer

Zwolle, Netherlands, 2010

The primary school 'De Schatkamer' is located in the Stadshagen district in Zwolle, and is surround by the Belvederelaan, the Wil...

Archive depot

Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 2010

The Archive Depot is located along the Harlingervaart canal in Leeuwarden, a town in the north of Holland. The building houses the b...

Bloemershof Communal buildings

Dieren, Netherlands, 2010

With the completion of the Bloemershof, the municipality of Rheden has been enriched with a new, multifunctional urban ensemble with a st...

Esprit Headoffice Benelux

Amstelveen, Netherlands, 2010

The building houses the headquarters of the Benelux for the fashion brand Esprit. Esprit is one of the largest fashion brands of the...

Forensic Youth Psychiatric Clinic

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008

3000 m2 living, sleeping, sporting, learning and treatment space (Model picture: Bekkering Adams Architecten)

Head office Schuurman Group

Alkmaar, Netherlands, 2008

The new accommodation for the Schuurman Group is located on a prime location, seen from the highway A9 in the North of the Netherlan...

Public Playground

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2007

The design for a school, sport and public square is a pilot project, resulting from a research into the potential of playgrounds for the ...

City office Feijenoord in Maashaven

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2005

9000 m2 mixed-use building for the municipality of Feijenoord and appartments (Photos: Christian Richters)

Booster station East

Amsterdam-Oost, Netherlands, 2005

The Booster pump station is located on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam. The building accommodates three Booster pumps, which collects a...

Firestation Vlissingen

Middelburg, Netherlands, 2004

2700 m2 Firestation and rescue service

Offices Dolingadreef

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2001

23000 m2 office building with 5000 m2 parking garage (Model picture: Bekkering Adams Architecten)