Masterplan HafenCity

Hamburg, Germany

ASTOC Architects and Planners has been based in Cologne for about 30 years and creating urban design and architectural projects in Germany and abroad. Numerous awards and commendations confirm our all-round competence and emphasise the high quality of our work. With six partners and about 100 employees, we support many of our private and public clients since many years.

Although architecture and urban design are two separate and independent disciplines, each with its own set of demanding requirements, ASTOC Architects and Planners has been able to combine them successfully in a host of projects. The advantage arising out of this for the client is our dual expertise: Our urban design projects benefit from our substantial experience in the conceptualisation and realisation of buildings, while, through our extensive knowledge of urban design issues and inter- relationships, we are able to endow our building projects with a strong architectural personality, standing in perfect accord with their localities.

Many of our urban design projects have attracted a great deal of interest, at home and internationally. One example is Hamburg's "Harbour City", currently the largest inner-city urban design project in Europe. Another notable project by ASTOC Architects and Planners is the "Emscher Future" masterplan, which seeks to create a wide-acting force for change to transform the structure and landscape of the Ruhrgebiet, the urban agglomeration of the historic industrial Ruhr valley.

In the field of architecture, ASTOC Architects and Planners undertake residential projects involving, for example, the incorporation of loft apartments into a listed industrial building, a whole new residential settlement and exclusive homes in high-rise developments. Our commercial buildings include prestigious and sustainable office blocks as well as retail and mixed-use properties. Facilities to provide the essential infrastructure of urban life, such as a pumping works and a railway station for local and national travel, have been particularly interesting projects for us.

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