ApoDoc in Zurich, Switzerland

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Hardstrasse 235, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

ApoDoc is a pharmacy, a group practice and a café under one roof at Hardstrasse 235 in Zurich. Aroma's first step was to develop the concept that would give ApoDoc an individual face and a distinctive identity. Everything was conceived and designed down to the last detail. A number of complex hurdles had to be overcome before construction could begin in spring 2015.

On 7 September 2015, the opening could be celebrated. ApoDoc is ready, welcomes and advises customers and patients in the bright and modern premises. The pharmacy is characterised by a discreet and efficient counselling concept. One of the highlights from the customer's point of view is the digitalised display of the medicine packs, which are ordered directly on the touch screens and delivered to the sales counter within seconds by a 12-metre-long medicine robot via a conveyor system. The ApoDoc medical practices offer GP and walk-in service with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The adjoining café with the sensible name "Medici" offers very good Italian espresso, healthy fruit juices and tasty snacks.

Scientific images of orange, dogwood, poppy and foxglove run through the entire ApoDoc. They connect the three areas of pharmacy, doctors' surgeries and café, create a uniform appearance and underline the vision of ApoDoc: doctors and pharmacists working closely together for the benefit of patients. In doing so, the specialists can concentrate on their core competences and make optimal use of the synergies between the individual disciplines. This marriage of medical practices and pharmacy is unique and revolutionary in Switzerland - two adjectives to which Aroma has dedicated itself throughout the process.

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