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Zürich, Switzerland

New markets, new needs
The media landscape is changing ever faster. This requires even seasoned advertising companies to have a sure instinct for taking new directions. Admeira, meets the need for new, interactively networked communication solutions. Such a forward-looking company concept also requires the appropriate premises: An interior design in the corporate identity was created on around 2500 square metres, which pays tribute to the graphics and colour worlds of the brand in a collage-like manner and is furnished with curated vintage furniture and design classics to invite an inspiring workflow.

The business meeting on gymnastic balls
The open-plan office was subdivided by fixtures such as meeting rooms or phone and focus boxes to create a city-like nested office world. In addition to the open and bright workplaces and a break area, Aroma is also responsible for the design and implementation of the meeting rooms. Media connection is lived here: whether Landliebe, Meteo or - each of the twelve meeting rooms is assigned to one of the well-known press titles from print, online and TV and furnished accordingly. The employees are therefore spoilt for choice - for uncomplicated internal discussions among ladies, for example, they can choose the elegant Style room (formerly SI Style), or the playful Beobachter room for further training workshops with clients.

Changing working environment
The trend towards individual office environments has existed for some time. Working environments are no longer defined rigidly and with a focus on one workplace per employee, but offer the appropriate setting for new forms of working techniques. Space for workshops and group work is finding its way in, as are rooms for concentrated work, even in open-plan offices. In addition, the individual spirit of the company should be perceptible and tangible through the language of form, colour applications and various spatial stagings.

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