Trevor McIvor Architect

Stouffville Residence

Stouffville, ON, Canada, 2017
29. August 2018
Photo: Maciek Linowski (All photographs courtesy of v2com)
Resting on a rolling field, this modern rural country home outside Toronto was inspired by the stone walls that were used to separate farmer’s fields.
Project: Stouffville Residence, 2017
Location: Stouffville, ON, Canada
Architect: Trevor McIvor Architect Inc
Lead Architect: Trevor McIvor
Builder: Ortolan Building Design Ltd
Structural Engineer: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Project Area: 5,000 sf (465 m2)
Strong lines, large canopies, and a stone-clad facade keeps the house grounded and conforming to the rural landscape. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Stouffville Residence is grounded in the earth while being cantilevered over a vast landscape. The stone entry wall, low and private, hints program through a series of translucent glass boxes punching through the otherwise monolithic wall. This wall acts as a key organizational element anchoring a series of glass volumes that open up to the south of the building overlooking the property and offering commanding views of the landscape. The orientation of the project intends to minimize the building’s impact on the area while maximizing site lines and access to natural daylight. The roof seemingly floats above the stone entry wall suggesting a more gestural and dynamic roof on the dwelling’s other face.
A look back onto the house from the field. The living room volume is the tallest space, allowing expansive views onto the surroundings. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Exterior view from the field. Exterior deck integrated with remained of the building as a continuation of the floor. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Two main programmatic bars make up Stouffville Residence. The more public spaces make up the heart of the house, and the more private areas branch off to the sides. The main axis of the residence includes the kitchen/living/dining rooms, with the outdoor wooden terrace serving as a continuation of the living space. A practical "service" box adjacent to the main entry houses the mudroom and pantry, helping to maintain a minimal lifestyle of the main public axis. The dwelling encompasses a master bedroom with an integrated ensuite on the main level, as well as two bedrooms on the lower level. Stouffville Residence is spacious, yet proportional, always focusing on the view out onto its' surroundings. 
Exterior side view looking at living room, and double-height glazed stair well. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Double height. glazed hall, with floating stairs connecting the lower level as well as active as a light well. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Material finishes include, but are not limited to: local granite, Canadian cedar, polished concrete, glass, and mahogany. Radiant in-floor heating is provided by a trenched geothermal loop, providing for a comfortable, all-year-round temperature as well as the added benefit of sustainability features.
The living room, the key feature of the Stouffville Residence. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Detail of Mahogany curtain walls and concrete floors. Natural interior materials working in symbiosis with each other. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Living room and open concept kitchen form the family's main gathering space featuring lots of light, and spatial flexibility. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
The kitchen and dining room are combined into an open plan, for added flexibility. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
Contemporary kitchen finishes: Ceasarstone counters, white matte cabinetry, and back-painted glass backsplash. Minimal, clean, and functional. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)
The master bathroom features a free-standing tub, placed at one of the featured glowing glass boxes. (Photo: Maciek Linowski)

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