3. December 2018
Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

The new house for an extended family is located on the same property as the owner's old home.

Project: bAAn, 2018
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Architect: Anonym (Phongphat Ueasangkhomset, Parnduangjai Roojnawate)
Interior Designer: Anonym (Phongphat Ueasangkhomset, Parnduangjai Roojnawate)
Area: 500 m2

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

The two residences stand in a parallel orientation and are separated by a swimming pool, which exists as a part of the original residential program. 

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

This communal area also connects, and at the same time contributes, to the visual divide between the two residences. 

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

It lessons the congestion of the program and allows for the family members to see and interact with each other. 

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

Surrounded by the green of the trees and garden, the space embraces the succulence from all directions expect for the west-facing wall. 

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

Exposed concrete was brought in to reflect the owner's taste and preference for sleekness and simplicity.

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol

Black aluminum panels wrap the exterior wall to maximize the privacy while natural light and wind are still allowed to make their presence within the house.

Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol
Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol
Photo: Chaovarith Poonphol
Site Plan (Drawing: Anonym)
First Floor Plan (Drawing: Anonym)
Second Floor Plan (Drawing: Anonym)

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