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Martina Metzner
1. August 2022
Fairytale atmosphere at the Zela restaurant in London (Photo: Marek Jarosz)
What is currently occupying the lighting scene?

After Corona, we want to be entertained and have fun more than ever. The last projects play especially with this component: integrated lighting design that responds to different moments, that can change, that lets us dream a little. In the technological field, already at the last Light + Building, connectivity was a big theme, which has been developed since then — a very interesting topic.

What innovations are you particularly excited about at Light + Building?

I am very curious about the development of connectivity. There will certainly be very interesting news!

The theme is "needed light at the needed time" and we will explore the technology that makes this possible: bluetooth, dimmers, control systems.

Birgit Walter

Lighting concept by BMLD for the Serawa Hotel in Alicante (Photo: Alfonso Calza)
Please describe your latest project and the respective challenges ...

We are just opening the Hard Rock Hotel in Marbella and a very great restaurant in Barcelona called Jacqueline. At the Hard Rock Hotel in Marbella, we are involved in the renovation of the noble building. A very ambitious project, which has been developed and built in nine months — madness... The project itself has exactly the components we were talking about: playful, changeable, dreamy. Jacqueline is a very sophisticated restaurant, lounge and night club that has been solved in a very elegant way. Contrast and surprise prevail here above all. 

Are there any new technologies that particularly excite you?

As I said, connectivity is definitely a very interesting topic. I am looking forward to exploring this at Light + Building. Bluetooth technology is used more and more to connect all electronic parts.

Show on at the Hard Rock Hotel in Marbella (Photo: BMLD site pics)
Sustainability is a big topic. How do you implement this in your projects?

Indeed, a very big topic, about which one can say a lot and which, in general, up to now has primarily had watts per square meter in mind. To put it briefly, our motto is: use the light you need at the moment — no more and no less. That means working with technology that you can integrate. It should know that you are there and what you are doing. As an example, you walk into a room, you walk through, you work in. Those are three different conditions that need different lighting scenarios in the course of the day. Control systems, photocells, motion sensors are a big part of our projects.

You work in Spain. How does lighting design differ there compared to Germany?

Unfortunately, I have never been involved in a project in Germany, though hopefully that will change. I would love to work in Germany! Compared to New York, where I worked for almost ten years, Spain has not really integrated lighting design until now. There are still far too many prominent projects being handled by manufacturers or commercial agencies. In terms of lighting, many hospitality projects in New York are solved with less light and with lower illuminance levels. 

Lucciano's Gelateria in Barcelona (Photo: Álvaro Valdecantos)
Spain is a strong lighting manufacturing country. Do you particularly rely on these manufacturers in your projects?

It depends on the project. But in general we very much like to take the decorative Spanish luminaires that combine a fantastic design with good technology. Technical lights have several manufacturers. English, German, Italian and Spanish manufacturers appear more often in our projects. 

What can participants expect on your tour of Light + Building?

The theme is "needed light at the needed time" and we will explore the technology that makes this possible: bluetooth, dimmers, control systems.

Birgit Walter | BMLD, Barcelona
Light + Building Talk + Tour org. by World-Architects

Birgit Walter
BMLD, Barcelona (ES)
Sunday, October 2, 12:00 to 2:45 Talk + 12:45 to 14:00 Tour
Meeting Point: Design Plaza in Hall 3.1
Talk + Tour in english language
Needed light at the needed time
“In an every day more demanding environment (design wise, environmentally and ethically), creating a lighting scheme that allows for the desired design goals while integrating “responsible” lighting schemes becomes of special interest. Within this Talk, we will review possible design strategies as well as currently available technology that contribute to a lighting scheme that takes into account the ethical and environmental issues while achieving the desired design goals.“ Birgit Walter, Founder and Creative Director of BMLD

Information and Registration

Outlook Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022

Finding innovations, evaluating quality with all the senses and holding personal discussions - all this is possible again during Light + Building Autumn Edition from 2 to 6 October 2022 in Frankfurt.
More than 1,300 exhibitors from 46 countries are already lined up for the restart of the lighting and building technology sector in autumn. They will provide a broad industry overview and insight into the themes of lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation and connected security technology. The international meeting place thus offers participants from architecture, planning and the trades an interdisciplinary exchange about the latest developments, innovative solutions and current design trends. For the first time, the international meeting place also brings all participants together digitally. The Light + Building Digital Extension will be available for exchange from 2 to 14 October 2022. The additional offer helps to find targeted contacts via AI-supported match-making.
In the lighting area, the Design Plaza in Hall 3.1 offers space for inspiration, knowledge exchange and discussion. It is the starting point for architects' tours and also a meeting place for all those interested in design and trends. Lectures by the style agency bora.herke.palmisano provide daily information on which themes will influence design in the coming season. The winners of the Design Plus Award can be seen in the immediate vicinity. In thematic adjacency to home and building automation and electrical engineering, the Building Plaza in Hall 9.0 offers lectures on topics relevant to the sector and the opportunity for networking.

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