World-Architects Is Moving!

John Hill, Elias Baumgarten
30. August 2021
Image: World-Architects

Our URL is staying the same, but as of October 1st the office of World-Architects and its various national platforms will be located at Headsquarter, a co-working space at Talacker 41 in Zurich's first district.

Photo © Headsquarter

Just as people are creatures of habit, we grew very fond of our office on Langstrasse, in the middle of one of Zurich's liveliest, most colorful, and socially diverse neighborhoods. During the period of work-from-home, we sorely missed the daily commute to the office and working together there. And yet we must admit that new environments can inspire and release fresh energy. That's why we decided to vacate our office after ten years and move to the Headsquarter co-working space at Talacker 41. Though tinged slightly with melancholy, the team is full of anticipation as we move to an office space where we will encounter new people from a wide range of industries.

Photo © Headsquarter

This change of scenery is also a conscious decision in favor of a more modern working environment. The premises at Talacker 41 offer a variety of workstations around the clock that we can choose from freely depending on the task at hand. We will become more flexible, not only because of the new premises, but because we foresee a future in which we will switch back and forth between home office and office workplaces according to personal needs and other situations. Interviews can be conducted in the cozy bistro; cubicles are ideal for writing, editing, or phone calls; and we can plan articles together in the meeting rooms, sipping the coffee provided by Headsquarter in their serviced office concept. A fitness area and shower facilities will help us stay in shape, while an after-work beer in the in-house bar should help us relax — and spark the kind of ideas that don't come while sitting at a desk!

Photo © Headsquarter
Our new postal address as of October 1, 2021, will be:
PSA Publishers Ltd.
Talacker 41
8001 Zurich
You can still reach the editorial team via e-mail or at +41 44 275 20 25. All other telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will also remain the same.
Photo © Headsquarter

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