Vectorworks 2019 Released

John Hill
12. September 2018
One Bucket at a Time Pavilion by 5469796 Architecture (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Quality and performance are the focus in the latest Vectorworks release. Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar explains, "Specifically, in Vectorworks 2019 we concentrated on our customers' most common workflows and usage patterns to increase their overall productivity with Vectorworks products across the board."

Steve Johnson, Vice President of Product Development, reiterates this focus, "Vectorworks 2019 is a release that will have a dramatic impact on productivity, allowing designers to make their day-to-day design work faster and easier. Users will experience the benefits of this version the moment they open the new software and see files open up to four times faster."

So instead of fancy, highly visible new bells and whistles, Vectorworks 2019 focuses a strong, behind-the-scenes core. Updates include improved software performance thanks to multiple core support in the Vectorworks Graphics Module, for instance, and improved BIM capabilities such as the unique ability to have BIM objects display with varying levels of detail in plan, elevation and section drawings.

A few highlights of Vectorworks 2019, particularly features relevant to architects and landscape architects, are described below.

Villanova Icône by Hamonic+Masson & Associés (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Image Effects: No need to export designs to other editing applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The new viewport image effects work with viewports and imported images, enabling the preparation of presentation boards in the same software where designs are created.

2D Components for Hybrid Objects: Efficiently create 2D drawings from 3D and BIM models. With the new 2D components for hybrid objects capability, simply right-click to edit the detail and display of any 2D/3D hybrid object so it draws exactly as you want in plan, elevation, and section views.

2D Components for Hybrid Objects (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Revit Collaboration: Thanks to the latest updates to the industry standard, Teigha BIM library from the Open Design Alliance, Vectorworks users can now batch import Revit Families making it easier to incorporate manufacturer objects and convert more building objects from a Revit model to native Vectorworks objects.

Clip Cube Options: Clip cube can now be used on sheet layer viewports. Unlike other applications that have limitations on the visualization of clip cubes, Vectorworks enables clip cubes to be rendered for presentation drawings.

Clip Cube Options (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Space Styles: Vectorworks has long offered a powerful suite of space planning tools. In this latest release, the Vectorworks space objects now support the use of styles to more efficiently create and manage spaces by usage type, class, and other traits.

3D Sculpting: Unlike SketchUp and Rhino, site model sculpting in Vectorworks can be performed on both geometry and on an intelligent site model, no specialized add-ons are necessary to run a site analysis and calculate the effects of changes. It's easy to sculpt the site using a variety of Vectorworks direct modeling features.

3D Sculpting (Image courtesy of Vectorworks)

Visit the Vectorworks 2019 website to watch short videos and learn much more about the new features in Architect, Fundamentals, Landmark, and the rest of the Vectorworks software suite.

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