OMA's MPavilion to Monash University

John Hill
6. March 2018
Rendering of OMA's MPavilion at Monash University

Each year, after their display in Melbourne's Queen Victoria Gardens, the MPavilions are moved to a permanent venue, prolonging their usefulness and reducing any waste that arises from building temporary pavilions. Amanda Levete's MPavilion, from 2015, moved to Docklands City Park, while Bijoy Jain's pavilion was gifted to the Melbourne Zoo in Parkville.

Photo: Timothy Burgess, courtesy of MPavilion

According to The Australian, "This year Koolhaas and Gianotten requested that it be loc­ated permanently at a university." So OMA's MPavilion, which wrapped up its five-month run last month, is being gifted to Monash University and will be located at the front entrance of the Clayton campus near the new Learning and Teaching Building. It will open on the Clayton campus on 8 May 2018.

Photo: Timothy Burgess, courtesy of MPavilion

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